MobiLED BF3 for special transport (Article No.: 10-J00)

- LED roof display panel 2-sided
- Radio remote control
- Lifting motor with position feedback

Front LED display panel
- 3-fold arrows left side, colour yellow
- 3 arrows right side, colour yellow
- LED lettering "STOP" combined with arrow
- Symbol "ATTENTION" 1.30
- 2 pcs. Flasher yellow

Display LED panel rear
- Symbol "ATTENTION" 1.30
- Symbol "No overtaking passenger car"
- Symbol "No overtaking HGV"
- 3-fold arrows left- and right side, colour yellow
- 2 pcs. Flasher yellow

Technical data
- Overall dimensions: 1845x1410x270mm
- Mass LED display: 1258x1058x80mm
- Weight: 115kg
- Power supply: 12/24V
- Connection options for optional beacons

Once per second the black box records all important information.
This can be retrieved from a mobile phone via WLAN.