Rumble strip handling machine (Article No.: 16-2G000)

- More safety and efficiency for the operating personnel
- Mounting on trucks from 7.5t via DIN mounting plate
- pick up and set down while driving forward
- optional use of our patented laying systems for
  metallic and non-metallic rumbkle strips
- radio remote control in cabin, display with background light
- elegant & robust design
- standard color orange
- compact: only 800mm projection compared to mounting plate
- Swiss Made

Technical characteristics
- Storage capacity FRIKE rumble strips: 12 pcs.
- Storage capacity type Maibach or similar: 9 pcs.
- Empty weight: 690kg
- Drive: electro-hydraulic

- color/lettering
- Battery pack for electrohydraulics / from vehicle hydraulics
- outboard camera
- iCone System

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